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Ann Folkard Geranium

"This geranium is a good do-er if ever there was one. It flowers all summer and airily fills gaps in the borders. It doesn't produce seed, though, so it needs to be divided to make more." - Wavell

Carolyn Knight Rose

"A lesser known David Austin rose, and a fantastic surprise since I bought it without even seeing one. OK, I realise I may have a wee problem resisting these plants..." - Wavell

Dahlia Bishop’s Children

"This is a seedling from Dahlia 'Bishop's Children' overwintered and in its second year with a lovely warm colour and dark leaves - quick from seed too." - Wavell


"Between the jasmine 'clotted cream' and the thalictrum in the background, the arch is a little overgrown and all the better for it. Yes, that is another Desdemona on the bottom right!" - Wavell

Peony Bowl of Beauty

"Always be nice to your neighbours! I'd admired this for ages in a neighbour's garden and was lucky enough to be given a piece when she divided it last year. It got no special treatment, but has produced several stunning, spicy scented blooms this year. Apparently quite robust. Don't...

Graham Thomas Rose

"Graham Thomas was my first David Austin rose, and has been a delight for many years. It never fails to put on a show with glorious golden flowers and a fruity scent. It tends to get a bit of black spot, though." - Wavell

Peony Border Charm

"This is a hybrid between herbaceous and a tree peony. I have tried a few of these "intersectionals" and this is the most reliable. This year we had twenty or more spicy scented flowers. It grows quite wide so needs a fair bit of space and good light. It...

Delphinium Damnedifiknow

"No clue what the actual name is, probably because I tried several and this is the one to escape the slugs year on year. The bees love it." - Wavell

White Foxglove

"Self seeded. I definitely didn't plant this one, so a random white is a lovely surprise. I hope it seeds itself again. I just let them come up wherever they like. They're happy, I'm happy. Result!" - Wavell


"My all time favourite, it gives so much. Beautiful peachy white buds open to creamy white flowers and the scent is fresh-roses with a touch of cucumber. Who knew that combo would work? Pretty resistant to bugs and diseases. If I could only have one rose, this would be...
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